Emery on Predators

Earlier today, Emery and Dan were reading a book called “Leaping Spiders”, a little find Mommy had made at the dollar store. The concept of predators and prey was raised by the esteemed author of the literary work, and this led to a short discussion between two of this century’s keenest intellects.

Dan: Do you know what a predator is?

Emery: No!

Dan: A predator is an animal that hunts other animals and eats them.

Emery: Cool!

Dan: Do you know of any predators?

Emery: Well… dragons. And bears.

Dan: Dragons?

Emery: Dragons eat all the other animals.

Dan: That’s true. Dragons are predators.

Emery: And bears, too.

Dan: Do you know what prey means?

Emery: Nope!

Dan: Prey are the animals who get hunted and eaten by predators.

Emery: Dragons are prey.

Dan: Dragons are predators.

Emery: Dragons are prey, too. Sometimes, a knight kills the dragon.

Dan: You’re absolutely right! I hadn’t thought of that.

Emery: Yeah.

And so Emery demonstrated a quick and intuitive grasp of a major aspect of the natural world, and Dan was once again taught to think just a little further outside the box. Thanks, Em!

Emery on Movies

Tonight’s blog entry is a direct transcript of an interview conducted of Emery by his stepdad, Dan.

Dan: Emery, why don’t you tell me about your friend Murray.

Emery: Well, in Hotel Transylvania, Murray’s really funny and stuff.

D: And does he have any friends?

E: Yeah, lots of ones. And one of them is Dracula, and then Dracula is actually the boss of Hotel Transylvania.

D: What is Hotel Transylvania?

E: Hotel Transylvania is a movie about monsters, and then like Drac- and then Dracula actually builded a big castle for monsters. For the monsters.

D: What do the monsters do there?

E: The monsters actually did lots of wierd things.

D: Tell me about some of the wierd things that they do.

E: Like, do you know that movie man goed, “Here is the party!” And he didn’t even do anything, but then he just got higher because he just made this white junk. Yeah.

D: And was there another funny part, too?

E: Yeah, it was when Murray actually walked around, but then look – he – then he goed “Oh no, oh no, oh no, whoooaaa! And then he popped up – and it’s so funny!

D: Wh-what did he do?

E: He actually popped up. And it’s so funny!

D: Right out of his pants?

E: Yeah! [Sneeze]

D: And who are some of the other people in Hotel Transylvania?

E: Well, Dracula. And I don’t know all of the other people, Dan. Only Dracula.

D: I think there was someone named Frank, too.

E: Yeah, I know Frank. And Murray, too.

D: What are some other movies that you’ve seen lately?

E: Well… really just Paranorman, I know.

D: What was Paranorman about?

E: Paranorman is about there’s a boy named Paranorman that walks around, but then he tries to defeat – to kill – to get the witch that is actually very hard in that movie. Yeah. It’s very bad. It is.

D: Do you like movies a lot, Emery?

E: Yup! I do.

D: Would you watch a movie every day if you could?

E: I would actually watch a movie just every single day and every single night.

D: What are some of your favorites?

E: Well, Hotel Transylvania and Tangled… and Paranorman, but, yeah… and I just, Little Einsteins. That’s not on there yet, I also know.

D: Tell me about the Little Einsteins.

E: Did you know that the Little Einstein ones are ones you didn’t seen? The only one I watched is when there’s actually a – it’s a bit funny, and it’s when they actually just walk around, but then they actually see a statue of Murray!

D: That happened in Little Einsteins?

E: Yeah. But do you know that then the Murray statue actually just walked? But then it like popped out of its pants and keeped doing it. And then he like – and then there’s actually some other guys, but do you know what they did?

D: What did they do?

E: They actually got away from it, but do you know what they did? Dracula is the one that actually stopped them really well. But do yo know how they got past Dracula?

D: How?

E: Do you know they actually tried to force Big Jet to actually destroy – defeat Dracula? And they did get defeat, but then they got away.

D: Well, thank you, Emery, for taking some time for my questions.

E: Yeah, but… yeah.